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  1. Donnelly River

    27 Oct 2015

    Last month I spent a magical few days in a tiny little kangaroo-filled village down south, Donnelly River. I was attending a wedding photography workshop called Camp Commonfolk, and spent the time immersed in creative energy and sharing of ideas, surrounded by kind, open-minded, interesting people with whom I share…

  2. Travels on film

    23 Aug 2015

    I got my first couple of rolls of film developed after having them sitting in my bedroom for several months. I had taken my film camera with me every now and then, taken shots here and there. I couldn’t really remember what I had photographed, the beautiful mystery of film…

  3. Watching the butterflies

    01 Jul 2015

    My beautiful friend Lauren, captured last year on black and white film. I only just got this developed, and it’s the first roll of film I ever shot.

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