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  1. Sophie in London

    23 Aug 2016

    I took some portraits of beautiful Sophie Thorpe in London on a sunny day. This was my first shoot post moving to the UK, and I’m so glad I got to work with such a sweet, lovely soul. Develop and scan by Carmencita Film Lab. 

  2. Great Ocean Road

    18 Jul 2016

    In March 2016 Chris and I took a trip to Melbourne, Victoria, explored the city and drove along the Great Ocean Road.  We both adore Melbourne and hope to live there at some point. The highlight of the trip was the drive, and the highlight of the drive had to…

  3. Ash

    16 Mar 2016

    Ash on 35mm film, agfa 200 & kodak gold 400 developed & scanned by UKFL

  4. Madison

    24 Feb 2016

    Madison. Film stock: Kodak Gold 400 & Delta 3200, dev & scan by UKFL Full set here.

  5. Bella

    08 Feb 2016

    Isabella on 35mm film.  Dev & scan by

  6. England, Part II

    23 Dec 2015

    New Forest, Congleton and some other parts of magical Northern England.  See part i in London here.  35mm film.

  7. Donnelly River

    27 Oct 2015

    Last month I spent a magical few days in a tiny little kangaroo-filled village down south, Donnelly River. I was attending a wedding photography workshop called Camp Commonfolk, and spent the time immersed in creative energy and sharing of ideas, surrounded by kind, open-minded, interesting people with whom I share…

  8. Travels on film

    23 Aug 2015

    I got my first couple of rolls of film developed after having them sitting in my bedroom for several months. I had taken my film camera with me every now and then, taken shots here and there. I couldn’t really remember what I had photographed, the beautiful mystery of film…

  9. Watching the butterflies

    01 Jul 2015

    My beautiful friend Lauren, captured last year on black and white film. I only just got this developed, and it’s the first roll of film I ever shot.

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