Donnelly River

Last month I spent a magical few days in a tiny little kangaroo-filled village down south, Donnelly River. I was attending a wedding photography workshop called Camp Commonfolk, and spent the time immersed in creative energy and sharing of ideas, surrounded by kind, open-minded, interesting people with whom I share photography in common. It was super-ridiculously-amazing. It sounds absurd, but it was a life changing experience. 

The camp inspired me to create my new wedding photography website River and Fern, and has made me so excited about moving forward with my photography, both with personal work and business. You should have seen me when I got home from this camp. My photographs are peaceful and gentle, but I promise, I was far from it! I was buzzing. I couldn’t stop.

I didn’t photograph a lot, but here are some of the few shots I did take. All on film. 

Mary x

Featuring my beautiful friend Fiona whom I (secretly?) want to marry, and fantastic new friend Jai who’s probably inspired me more than any other human ever has (and in the space of about 1 hour), the wonderful, kind Jess who’s stunning henna hand can be seen a few times, plus many kangaroo friends. Thanks so much to the AWESOME Glenn & Lauren and Jenna who organised this fantastic thing, they are also new found friends and general great humans. So much love. 

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