England, Part I

Last month I travelled to London, Paris and some other parts of England all on my lonesome. I felt pretty grown up, and had a marvellous time.

Wandering the streets and suburbs of London is absolutely awesome. I love this city. I love the green. I love the way the plants are SO ridiculously happy they seem to be smiling at you. I love the musicians in the underground. I love the abundance of flowers. I love the squirrels. I love the crispness of the air and the chilly mornings. I love stumbling upon incredibly stunning homes and buildings covered in creeping plants. I love the diversity of cultures and ethnicities. 

What isn’t so great, is how fast people seem to move. Everyone is in a rush, and stuck in their own heads. It was a little overwhelming at times, the sheer volume of humans hurrying everywhere with little regard for those around them. With close to 9 million people, compared to Perth’s 1.8 million, it’s a different world. 

But I enjoyed every minute of exploring the place and didn’t waste a day. It made me appreciate Perth, my home, in many ways, and also fantasise about living in London. I think there are things to love about every place on the planet. 

All images shot on film. More photos of the magical english countryside coming soon. 

All images shot on 35mm colour film.

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