Great Ocean Road

In March 2016 Chris and I took a trip to Melbourne, Victoria, explored the city and drove along the Great Ocean Road. 

We both adore Melbourne and hope to live there at some point. The highlight of the trip was the drive, and the highlight of the drive had to be the 12 Apostles. 

When we got to them, the place was overrun with tourists taking selfies and we couldn’t get away fast enough. It felt horrible. Like nobody was experiencing actually being there, taking in the beauty and majesty of nature. They just wanted a photo to prove they were there, and all they cared about was getting their selfie sticks at the best angle. Chris and I decided we would come back at dawn and walk down the cliffs to the ocean. So the next morning, we did. We got up way earlier than we ever usually want to and drove in the pitch black from our little air bnb shack to the 12 Apostles. It was dark while we were walking, and we were freezing, and excited. We walked for about 40 minutes and when we approached the cliffs the sun started to peep out behind veils of clouds and we realised we could’ve parked just above the steps down, and saved ourselves getting up about an hour earlier than we needed to. But it just made the whole thing more of an adventure. We walked down to meet the sea, and not another soul was there. No hoards of tourists, and no selfie sticks. Just us, the sand, the rocks and the waves. What a privilege. Nothing could capture the beauty and peace in that moment.

Here are some photos of the drive as well as some bits and pieces of Melbourne. I made it my daily mission to photograph dogs in the city. It was a great mission.

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