Travels on film

I got my first couple of rolls of film developed after having them sitting in my bedroom for several months. I had taken my film camera with me every now and then, taken shots here and there. I couldn’t really remember what I had photographed, the beautiful mystery of film.

I took the camera with me to the UK+Europe, but only had a handful of shots left on the roll. Each one turned out perfectly, and I’m so in love with this medium, it’s all I want to shoot. 

To me, film images have more than just a beautiful feel to them, you can actually feel them. They have a soul. 

I love shooting film because it feels precious. I slow down and think carefully about each image, the technical aspects and the artistic, everything is considered, because there is a finite number of shots I can take. 

Each shot is completely finished when it’s developed. I don’t take each image into Lightroom+Photoshop and play with colours and tones, polish it and edit it endlessly to make it a finished image that I am happy with, as I would with digital photographs. 

The imperfections are wonderful. I love the scratches, the grain, the textures. 

I feel like finally developing these rolls has rekindled my love for photography and inspired me to shoot for myself again.

 These images are an intimate look into my world. I hope you enjoy them. More to come. 

Our host Hamish in Richmond Park, London

Deer in Richmond Park, London

Dawn at Richmond Park, London

Dawn at Richmond Park, London

Self Portrait in Bellagio

Vintage Camera on display in a cafe in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Cafe at another hamlet in Lake Como

Cafe in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Shot on ilford hp5 400

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